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Now mobile phone is useful to save your notes (any important thing) and you can easily get them back as mobile is going to be with you every time. There are lots of things like numbers, names and many more which you may need to write somewhere during your work. So mobile phone is the best diary which is going to be with you every time for writing and reading both.

It is always good to have option to save your notes at online so that even if you need to change your phone for some reason you can recover those notes back directly on your new phone. So it is good to have app which has option to store your notes online.

Google KEEP is the best app

For this thing KEEP is the best application to store your notes online. This application is from Google itself so no need to even create new account for storing your data online. You just need to synchronize your google account (which almost all android users have) with this app and that’s it. After this even if you remove this app from phone your notes are safe. You just need to reinstall it and sign in with Google account and all notes will come to you automatically.

Features of KEEP

Keep is having some really good feature that you may require on your note application.
  • You can easily draw anything with your fingers with different kind of colors. I mean instead of texting from keyboard you can also make notes by drawing with fingers with different colors.
  • You can add photos directly from camera in to notes. By this way you can create notes with photos too.
  • You can also add voice recordings in your notes from this application.
  • All checkbox and tickbox options are available so that you can make your notes more managing. 
 So KEEP is the best application with lots of features for keeping your notes on the spot. And as it is from trusted Google all your data is secured for sure.

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