Android 7.0 is here for Moto G4 and G4 Plus

Few times ago company has announced that many Moto G devices will get android 7.0 soon. Now the news as arrived. Motorola G4 and Motorola G4 plus has been started receiving android 7.0 update as per news. This update will come to user phase wise. Some may receive soon and some may later.

Android 7.0 is the latest and newest android version so far. So having it this early is always good sign for any phone. I am sure users will be pleased with this latest update. With this new version of android they have done few changes to enhance the performance of the phone. You can read them here.

Android 7.0 is still new android version for many. So getting this early is good. Hope other devices from other companies also receive it sooner. After Lenovo taken the Motorola, it is good that they are giving update this fast.  


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