No more to Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Is it end of Galaxy note series?

Recently Samsung had launched new Galaxy Note 7 in the note series. But unfortunately they have to face too many problems because of it. Few units got fire and they have to stop the selling. Even after the replacement I have heard that one replaced unit got fire too. So as per news now Samsung is cancelling Note 7 phone itself.

Well, this is really bad news for all galaxy note series fans. Samsung has also started refunding money to Note 7 users. They are also giving 100$ credits to those who purchase other galaxy series phone like Galaxy s7. That means no more Galaxy Note 7 phone.

I wonder how it will affect Galaxy Note series. Does it mean that we will no longer see any phone in this series in future?! This must have hurt the Samsung badly for sure. I mean Note series was quite popular for them and if it will going to end then it will affect them badly. Let’s see, only time can say more about it. I am not sure about future of this Galaxy Note series, but this incident will generate so many negative reviews about it.

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