How to get official update android 4.2 in Canvas Hd A116?

Micromax has recently released Android 4.2 update for their phone canvas HD A116. As per news users have to go to their customer stores to get this update as it is not available on AIR. But there is one site from where you can get this latest version from Micromax and flash this latest version on your canvas HD with help of SP tool.

Where to Download Android 4.2 for Canvas HD A116?

From above site you can install latest version of Android 4.2 on your Canvas HD phone. Just go to Software version and download the latest version from there. You also need SP TOOL to flash this update on your phone. But you must have information about how to flash via SP TOOL before going for it.

You can follow the procedure available in the below link that how to use SP TOOL to flash the latest version. But download SP TOOL using above link and download it from the TOOLS section on that site.(Don’t download sptool from the below link)

How to use SP TOOL?: Learn it from here

Let me tell you again that try this SP TOOL thing if you know about these stuffs. Otherwise you can simply follow Micromax center and have this update for you CANVAS HD phone.

What you will get in this new version?

Camera APP: You will see many different features in Camera apps from the stock android version available in the old CANVAS HD. You will get PANAROMA mode, FACE Detection mode, SMILE detection mode, multi angel view image and much more. So it is good for camera lovers.

Browser: You will see little different browser in compare of before just like android 4.2 stock browser. So it is cool too.

Notification Bar: Obviously you will see that famous notification bar with all toggle options available in the android 4.2 update. You can check out above image of notification bar.

So this is it. You will see all those changes available in the Android 4.2. With that Micromax also have announced that CANVAS HD users will get update of Android 4.3 too when it will be available. Hope you will enjoy this update from the Micromax. Have fun.


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