Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lava Iris Atom 2 got Lollipop update: Android 5.1

Lava has recently launched low budget phone Atom 2. The phone has good configuration in low price range. It was launched with kitkat version. Plus good thing was that LAVA has promised to give lollipop update for this device. And yes they have fulfilled their promised.

Just few days back I got the lollipop update of around 530MB. And another good thing is that it is Android 5.1 update not 5.0. Android 5.1 is much stable than previous lollipop versions. So now Atom 2 users can enjoy bug free lollipop version on their device. 

I have to say well done LAVA as this lollipop 5.1 version has few customization options as well. There are some features available which are not available on pure stock lollipop version. So in detail this is good update. Previous kitkat version was having few bugs, but with this latest update I don’t able to find any bugs so far. Phone is quite smooth and good looking now. Camera result has also increased for sure in compare to previous android version. Now you can take photos much faster than before. 

So if you are Lava iris atom 2 user. You should definitely go for this update. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Purchasing apps and games from Google play store is easy now for India

Indian users was having many troubles for buying apps and games from Google play store as most of the debit cards not works on Google play store. And not all people do have credit cards for the same. They have to use different stuffs and platforms for purchasing a simple app or game. But now this thing has become little easier. Want to know how? Go ahead.

How to purchase apps and games from Google Play store (India Special)?

Google has provided Google play gift cards of 750Rs, 1000Rs and 1500Rs. You can redeem these cards on your Google play store account and purchase anything from play like games, apps, movies, books, etc. These cards are available on some special stores like Spice hotspot, Vijay sales, Planet M, Planet Mobile and Sangeetha Mobiles. They have also provided facility for online buyers. You can buy these cards from Snapdeal site. So you can have these cards at your door step too.

I have just ordered one gift card for me. Honestly this card stuff will increase the Google play store purchasing. And yes it will also help Indian purchasers who don’t use credit cards at all. So go ahead and grab one for you.

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Canvas Nitro 4G: Looking good

Micromax has launched version 4G in their canvas nitro series. This phone is looking good in all the way. I mean if we look at its specifications then this phone has all latest stuffs inside it. The price of this phone is 11000Rs. which is bit high but I am sure it will come down in near future. But still it is good deal if someone is looking new phone around 10k. Let’s see the features and specs of this phone.

Specifications and features of this phone:

Network: You will get 4g LTE network inside. These days all companies are launching their new 4G connection. So it is necessary to have 4g enabled phone which you are getting into this one. No need to tell about 3G and 2G network. And yes you are getting dual SIM support with this.

Processor and Ram: It is having 1.4octacore snapdragon processor with 2GB Ram. So you are going to have lagged free performance with good speed.

Display: You will get 5inch (idol size) HD display with gorilla glass 3 protection. So it is big enough with the scratch protection.

Camera: Most of the phones are having this camera inside them. Rear camera is of 13MP and front camera is of 5MP. So you can take nice pics and selfies using this phone.

Memory: Memory is also decent inside this phone. You are getting 16GB internal memory and you are also getting memory card support up to 32GB. So you don’t need to worry about your data.

Android version: It will run latest android lollipop 5.0 out of the box. So you are getting latest.

So this is it. Personally I guess it contain almost all thing what I required in my new phone. So for me yes it is good. Plus look wise also this phone is looking cool. So you can count it as option before buying any new smart phone. Have fun.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yufit app alternative: Everything on one app

Recently Yu Company has launched yufit band for fitness tracking. It is good device for tracking your daily fitness activities and it also provides many other useful features. The best attractive thing of this band is its price. It is only available in 999Rs.

I am using this band since a month now. It is quite good and provides what it says. But the one thing I found bit awkward is we have to use two alternative apps to see the data of the band. They have provided ‘yufit’ application to handle its functions like smart keys, alarm, task reminder, etc. And for fitness regarding data like steps, calories, distance, etc. we have to open other app called ‘healthyfy’ application. I know it is not big thing but MI band (other similar fitness band from MI) has better application which provides all things inside one application.

Now for those who want same thing on YUFIT band, there is alternative application for this band called ‘body sensor’. Let me tell you this application is of third party not from YU company itself. But I am using this application for my YUFIT band, and getting better experience on it. The fitness regarding data and all other functions (all available on yufit app) are available on this single application.

You can download it for free from Google Playstore.

So if you also own this yufit band then you should try out this application as alternative. If you feel it more comfortable on this app then keep it otherwise you can switch back in not time. Have fun.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mi Band Vs. Yufit Band: Features and then comparison

Mi Band and Yufit Band are the fitness tracking devices available in very low affordable price tag. These are the wrist belts which tracks our different health related activities. Both are having almost similar look and features. Yufit band is having OLED display while Mi band is only having three notification lights. This is the only look wise difference they have.

Just recently I got hand on both. So after using them for five days here is my experience for both of them. Let’s first see what both bands have to give us functions wise.

Functions of both bands
Mi Band:
MiFit Application: You have to install Mifit application to connect your mi band with your phone and setting different functions on it. 

Track your walk, calories, distance: Using this application you can obtain information from band about your walked steps, about your burned calories and about distance you have walked.

Track your sleep: This belt also tracks your sleep. It shows how much you slept and how you slept. I mean it will tell status about your deep sleep and light sleep.

Set Goal: You can set goal for your walking and running using the application above. As this band is not having any display, it will notify you by notification lights on it for your goal. For half goals you will get two lights on and for completing goal three lights will be on. It works something like that.

Set Smart Alarm: It has option to put alarm on it. Smart alarm means once you set the alarm on the band using above application from the phone, you don’t need your phone at all. I mean if you have turned Bluetooth off or even your phone off, your mi band will still keep that memory and wake you up on your setup time. You will get vibration alert on band as alarm.

To off your alarm you have to tap on band’s silver panel. If you will not off it, it will keep vibrating every 10 minutes for 5 times.

Different notifications: Mi Band can give you different notifications. It can give you vibration alert for incoming call and messages. It can also notify you about your goal via lights. 

Smart Lock option: It has also smart lock function. Using that option you can unlock your phone directly if you are in Bluetooth range. Let me tell you how it works.

First you have to set pattern lock or pass code lock on your phone. Then turn this smart lock function on. Now when your phone is connected with your Mi Band then it will not ask you for any pattern lock or pass code. It will directly open it for you. If you are not connected then you have to input those pass code or pattern.

Battery: Battery backup is really good. I am suing it since 5 days and it is still 92%. So as company is telling 30 days battery backup, it seem true.

YuFit Band:
Now let’s talk about YuFit band. It has some more functions and display on the band. Let’s check them out.

YuFit Application: Here you have to install yufit application to get access the yufit band. Here you will find different functions.

Display and Smart Key: Using display you can see time, burned calories, steps counter, distance you have moved, miss call and messages numbers. There is smart key on the band; by clicking on it you can change all these functions on the display. 

Smart keys option: It has three smart key options which are Camera remote, Video remote and Find phone. Using Camera remote and Video remote you can take photos and videos by tapping smart key on your band when your phone is connected with band. So taking selfies is much easier with these functions. Using Find phone option you can find your phone if it is in Bluetooth range. I mean suppose you forgot your phone somewhere in the room, then you can tab on your band to on vibrate and ringtone on your phone. So now you can easily find it with this option.

Alarm and Task alert: Just like mi band, here also you can set alarm on the phone using application. Another addition is task alert, where you can set task reminder if you want.

Notifications: This band is also vibrates during incoming call and message. Plus it will show you the number of missed call and messages you have on your phone on its display.

Healthyfy Application for counters (steps, calorie, and sleep): For all other counters, like sleep you have, walking counter, distance counter and many more, you have to install healthyfy application on your mobile. It will allow you to connect your yufit band to collect its data and display all those above details. There are also other options on the application about setting goals and checking out food calories. 

Battery: Battery is bit less. It may give you around 15 to 20 days battery backup after full recharge. 

So these are the features and functions available on both bands. After using them for few days I can compare them as per result I got from both. Let’s see it.

Comparison of Mi Band and Yufit Band:

Walking counter: Both have almost same count when test them during our walking session. But if you ware them all the time then you will see that sometimes Yufit Band gives extra steps counting without any walking in compare to Mi Band. I mean 6000 steps in yufit and 1800 steps in mi, how can this possible. Of course 1800 was near to correct.

During driving also I have noticed that both bands keep giving walking counts. But in Mi Band it is okay and minor. While Yufit band really gives wrong counting in compare to Mi Band in this case. So as per me Mi Band wins over Yufit band here.

Display and notifications: Yes yufit band wins here as it has display while Mi band has only notification light. But both need many improvements in the application and the functions. 

For mi band, there is application named ‘miband notify’(not from mi company) third party application using it you can have many different notification functions which you missed on official app. You can set notification for any application, even for whatsapp. So that you can get vibration and light (whichever color you choose) notification for incoming whatsapp messages too. 

Battery: Mi band wins in this section as it has 30 days battery backup while after having test yufit band will last long for 15 to 20 days, of course as it is having display section.

Hardware Quality: Both look almost same if you see them from far. But if you will check them for near, Mi Band is having more quality hardware in compare to Yufit band. 

Applications for both bands: In application also mi band is having much more decent application in compare to yufit band. I mean first for yufit you have to use two different applications for different purpose. This is bit odd. Plus Mi application gives proper counter option in detail in compare to Yufit. That’s what I felt.