Best app to keep your notes – Save on internet

Now mobile phone is useful to save your notes (any important thing) and you can easily get them back as mobile is going to be with you every time. There are lots of things like numbers, names and many more which you may need to write somewhere during your work. So mobile phone is the best diary which is going to be with you every time for writing and reading both.
It is always good to have option to save your notes at online so that even if you need to change your phone for some reason you can recover those notes back directly on your new phone. So it is good to have app which has option to store your notes online.
Google KEEP is the best app For this thing KEEP is the best application to store your notes online. This application is from Google itself so no need to even create new account for storing your data online. You just need to synchronize your google account (which almost all android users have) with this app and that’s it. After this even if you remove this app from phone you…

Redmi note 3: MIUI 8.2.2 update review

Redmi Note 3 device recently started getting Miui 8.2.2 Update. I guess it is quite late in compare to other MIUI device. I wonder if it is started getting less attention.  Just today I updated my device to the latest version and update was above 400MB. Let me tell you my experience so far.
I don’t see any more changes look wise but MIUI is always same with that. Feature wise, now we can remove notifications directly from lock screen which was missing in MIUI. I wonder why there were late on it.
About performance, I guess it is same. But yes battery performance is quite weak so far in compare to previous version. I also noticed that now phone is taking quite more time to get fully charge. This is quite irritating. I hope they will solve this problem quick and provide another small update. Good battery is the most important thing which I like about MI phones.
Other things look okay for me. Those who are playing Pokemon Go with spoofing option, they will not able to use spoofing app w…

How to purchase apps and games in Playstore using Paytm? – For Indian Users

Now Indian users can also purchase apps and games from Google playstore using their paytm account. Many people have trouble to do this in past as Google playstore still isn’t accepting many Indian debit cards. Either user has to use egift card or they need to use credit card for the same. But now user can also do the same using paytm account.
Paytm is becoming quite popular in India as it is covering many sections for money related transactions. Now they are also covering Google playstore transactions. Let’s learn how to do it.
How to purchase on playstore using paytm? Well first you need to locate the Playstore icon on Paytm home page. You can see the same on the image I am uploading. Just click on it. You will get option to fill the amount which you want to add in your play store account (remember Rs 100 is minimum). Just fill the amount and pay the money using paytm. You will get the gift card code on your phone and email using which you can recharge your play store account.
You ju…

Android 7.0 is here for Moto G4 and G4 Plus

Few times ago company has announced that many Moto G devices will get android 7.0 soon. Now the news as arrived. Motorola G4 and Motorola G4 plus has been started receiving android 7.0 update as per news. This update will come to user phase wise. Some may receive soon and some may later.
Android 7.0 is the latest and newest android version so far. So having it this early is always good sign for any phone. I am sure users will be pleased with this latest update. With this new version of android they have done few changes to enhance the performance of the phone. You can read them here.
Android 7.0 is still new android version for many. So getting this early is good. Hope other devices from other companies also receive it sooner. After Lenovo taken the Motorola, it is good that they are giving update this fast.

Solution for Redmi Note 3 VoLte problem

I am having Redmi Note 3 phone since long. For me VoLte is working fine with my Jio card. I can call easily with normal dialer using my jio connection. But I have heard that lots of people are facing problem for getting VoLte on Redmi Note 3 phone. Well I would love to give few solutions if by chance it works for them. So here are the solutions.
How to get VoLte on Redmi Note 3?
Change the SIM slot: This is the first thing you should check. Just insert your SIM on another slot and check if it is working for you or not. Make sure you have VoLte option on from the setting otherwise it will not work. In past it wasn’t working for me too, but changing SIM methods worked for me. So it might help you as well. If it is not working for you then skip to another one.
Network settings: Just type *#*#4636#*#* in you dialer screen. By this way you will get Testing window on your phone as per screen shot I have attached. In this window select Phone information 1 or Phone information 2 depending on whi…

Jio4gVoice application for IOS/iPhone

Update: I am glad that Jio has heard us and now we are having Jiovoice app for iphones too. Thanks jio. You can download this application from app store itself. Enjoy.

Jio recently launched 4G with so much hype. Well, surely they know how to attract the customer? They have launched it with cheapest price in compare to other companies. With the service they have also launched few apps for android and IOS related to their 4G connection for providing different services. From them, jio4Gvoice is also there.
Jio4Gvoice application is for HD calling purpose. Well normally jio direct calling only works for VoLte phone. But using this app, even non VoLte 4G phones can also calls.
Now I wonder why Jio hasn’t developed this application for iphones/IOS. This is seriously needed here. For me I am having iphone 5S using which I can only surf via Jio 4g because VoLte service is not offered yet by Apple. But even for latest version if iphones this app can be useful. I mean unlike android phones late…

No more to Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Is it end of Galaxy note series?

Recently Samsung had launched new Galaxy Note 7 in the note series. But unfortunately they have to face too many problems because of it. Few units got fire and they have to stop the selling. Even after the replacement I have heard that one replaced unit got fire too. So as per news now Samsung is cancelling Note 7 phone itself.

Well, this is really bad news for all galaxy note series fans. Samsung has also started refunding money to Note 7 users. They are also giving 100$ credits to those who purchase other galaxy series phone like Galaxy s7. That means no more Galaxy Note 7 phone.
I wonder how it will affect Galaxy Note series. Does it mean that we will no longer see any phone in this series in future?! This must have hurt the Samsung badly for sure. I mean Note series was quite popular for them and if it will going to end then it will affect them badly. Let’s see, only time can say more about it. I am not sure about future of this Galaxy Note series, but this incident will generate …

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